Enter year 2017, the year of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency craze. Cryptocurrencies has gained tremendous momentum and now we’re seeing homes and cars being bought with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. One company, Vacation Rentals Las Vegas, have been accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for staying at one of their large vacation homes in Las Vegas. One of their guests who used Bitcoin as payment said that it was, “Surreal that the bitcoin he bought many years ago propelled him into a life of riches he never thought was possible and it allowed him to take a vacation and rent the Howard Hughes Mansion from Vacation Rentals Las Vegas. Who would’ve thought that the bitcoin I bought 8 years ago to buy small things off websites in China for a few dollars can now be used to rent homes for thousands of dollars.” So the future where cryptocurrencies become a universal way of paying might not be so far off.

Vacation Rentals Las Vegas claims to be the first in the industry to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as payment for staying at one of their vacation rentals. They have decades of experience in the travel industry and want to expand their reach to tech-savvy, tech-oriented, or crypto hodler travelers. They have homes and mansions perfect for families, corporate, weddings, or any large travel groups. They’ve had multiple celebrities and prestigious corporations such as google, oracle, microsoft, at&t, etc. stay at their vacation rentals. They understand the risk and volatility of cryptocurrency but they believe in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and its potential. It’s something all businesses should look at and understand. (You can visit their website at: (www.vacationrentalslasvegas.net)

Howard Hughes Estate      Howard Hughes Estate

I remember when Bitcoin’s value was being thrown around at $20-$30 and I never bothered to learn and educate myself on blockchain and cryptocurrency. It was only until Bitcoin was around $500 when it caught my attention and I decided to invest myself in it. It was then that I found the potential in blockchain and bitcoin and placed my bet on it.       

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Nowadays the price is between $6,000 - $10,000. Even peaking at $20,000 at one point! The hype around cryptocurrency is continually growing and now major investors are suggesting it’d be stupid not to have something invested in cryptocurrency.  A lot of people don’t understand that cryptocurrency is not just currency but technology as well. Bitcoin and blockchain technology is a great concept with the ability to change any industry drastically. It has the potential to do things more efficiently such as being cost effective, faster, and more secure than the options we have today. So not only will it improve our currency systems, it will improve supply chain, logistics, security, etc.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency built a ridiculous amount of hype but has since slowed down this year in 2018. However, now cryptocurrencies have found their place in today’s society. Still a niche but we see it in the news, blogs, social media, even your favorite youtuber couldn’t avoid talking about it. In the near future we might be paying for things on Amazon with Bitcoin or your favorite cryptocurrency. So the future where we can pay for our food at any of our favorite family diners might not be so far off.

The adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are continually making a bigger mark on society and even casinos in Las Vegas are taking an interest in Bitcoin. Now you can find Bitcoin ATMs in various places around Las Vegas. You’ll start seeing small business and online business accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as payment for services. There’s a clear trend and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Two Casinos in Las Vegas are spear-heading adoption of bitcoin, The D Hotel and Golden Gate are accepting Bitcoins for rooms and dining. You can’t use bitcoin to gamble yet though. Another company that is pioneering the hotel and travel cryptocurrency adoption is Vacation Rentals Las Vegas.

I am excited for the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies because of the impact they will have in the future. Personally, I hope to be able to just hold cryptocurrencies to travel to different countries and use them to buy anything I want! Why bother with  fees and exchange rates to change USD to foreign currencies, and instead just use Bitcoin globally and avoid the hassle.

-Peter Le

Peter Le has always been a tech buff. Always on the lookout for the next big thing to write about in tech. He’s a big believer in cryptocurrency and blockchain. If there’s any business that adopts cryptocurrency as a form of payment, he will be their customer. He also loves to travel when he has time for a vacation.